Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After you have the IIS installed on your Web server, you can install the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK. You can take two paths to get the .NET Framework installed on your machine. The first path is to install the .NET Framework SDK. This install includes the necessary runtime to process your
ASP.NET applications and also has documentation for using the .NET Framework. The second way to get the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your machine is to install Visual Studio.NET. This path gets the .NET Framework along with Microsoft’s development tool for ASP.NET applications.
The process for installing the .NET Framework SDK starts with obtaining the setup program. When you run the setup program, you may be required to
update certain software on your server. For instance, your version of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) may need updating to a more
recent version. The installation process includes accepting a software agreement, specifying which parts of the .NET SDK to install, and specifying where the .NET SDK is installed.
When installing .NET SDK make sure that you have enough hard drive space for the installation. As of Beta 2, you need 311MB to complete the installation.

1 Insert the CD-ROM with the .NET SDK and run the setup.exe file.
The .NET Framework SDK Setup page appears.

2 Click Next to continue. The license agreement for the software appears in the middle of the dialog box. You may need to scroll down to
see the entire license agreement.
3 Click next to I accept the agreement to accept the software license

4 Click Next to continue. A dialog box appears allowing you to specify whether to install the .NET software, samples, and
5 Click next to Software Development Kit to select it.
6 Click next to SDK Samples to select it.
7 Click Next to continue.The Destination Folder
window appears.

8 Click Next to select the default folder and to
continue.The .NET SDK is installed.

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