Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WCF Service-Part 1

 WCF Service

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)  is a framework for building service-oriented applications. Most of WCF functionality is included in a single assembly called System.ServiceModel.dll, located in the System.ServiceModel namespace.

Why WCF WCF is a generic communication mechanism that allows you to set up a generic host communication between two clients. Let me explain what I am trying to say. Suppose I have three clients and we need to implement a service for them but all three clients have different implementations.

    The first client uses PHP/Java. So the client wants a response/message in XML format.
    The second is using .Net but the service execution time requirements are high so the client wants responses/messages in binary format and the protocol to be TCP.
    Third is using COM+.

For the first client we need to use a webservice, for the second we use .Net remoting and for the third we use COM+. Webservice, .Net remoting and COM+ are different technologies. So the developer must learn these technologyies But WCF unites all the technologies under one umbrella.

WCF = Webservice + .Net remoting + MSMQ + COM+

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