Thursday, March 14, 2013

SQL SERVER – SSMS does NOT Print NULL Values

When I was trying to run following query he was getting no result on the SSMS. DECLARE @var1 numeric(10,2),
@var2 numeric(10,2),
@var3 numeric(10,2),
@var4 numeric(10,2)
SET @var1=12500
SET @var2=NULL
SET @var3=500
SELECT @var4=(@var1+@var2+@var3)
PRINT @var4

Here is the screenshot of the query executed. The reason behind no result was @var2 is assigned value to NULL. Later the same @var2 is added to another variables and finally assigned to @var4. Whenever NULL value is added to any other value the resultant values are NULL that leads to no result.
A NULL value can't be printed using PRINT statement and that is the reason it does not print anything.
However, if you assign @var2 to any other value as displayed in following image – it will display the print value.

Alternatively, if you want to display the output of @var4 when @var2 is NULL, you can use SELECT instead of PRINT and you will be able to display the value of NULL.

I think this was very basic but very interesting question for sure and I like to write about it.

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