Thursday, July 19, 2012

Connecting to a Data Source

You know that in ASP.NET, getting data from a database to the web page that your users will see in their browsers requires a number of ADO.NET objects: connections, datasets, data readers, data adapters, and so on. In order to provide useful demonstrations, we'll be using quite a few of these different objects in this chapter, but our focus is on the first item in that list - the others will have their time in the sun a little later on. Our aim here is to understand ADO.NET connection objects, and in order to do so we'll look at the following topics:
  • The basics of ADO.NET connections
  • Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server data
  • Connecting to an MS Access database
  • Connecting to an MS Excel spreadsheet
  • Connecting to an XML data file
  • Getting schema information about a data store
  • Some common mistakes

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