Thursday, May 24, 2012

Differece between Sql server2005 and Sql server2008

In sql server 2005,There is no option to compress backup files, but in sql server 2008,there you find it.

storing backup file takes 5 minutes without compression in sqlserver 2005,but it takes only 3 minutes in sql server 2008 for storing backup files with compression.

Server 2008  added CMS which is Central Management Server. It only works with Windows Authentication but it allows you to management multiple SQL Servers at once. If SQL Server systems are popping up like weeds it will appear in the CMS provided that they point to the CMS via SSMS. Its a really cool feature.

PBM Policy-Based Management is another added feature introduced with SQL Server 2008. PBM allows you to define and enforce policies for configuring and managing SQL Server across your enterprise. It goes hand-in-hand with CMS.

SQL2008 has support for additional datatypes:
timestamp with internal timezone

in additon it has geospatial functions so it can compute differences based on GPS co-ordinates

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