Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Local Time script

: Local Time script
Author: Dynamic Drive
Note: Updated Dec 6th, 05 to
support ASP pages.
Description: Want to display the
current local time of a specific
place in the world? This DHTML
script, with the help of either
PHP, ASP, or SSI (server side
includes), displays the current
server time your site is hosted
on, and in turn, the local time of
anywhere on Earth. You can use
it to show visitors your current
local time, or the time in New
York, Tokyo etc. Now, in order to
use this script, the webpage
you're adding it to must be
either PHP (ie: .php), ASP, or SSI
(ie: .shtml) enabled. More on this
As mentioned, this local time
script uses the time of the server
hosting your site as its reference
point. To display the local time of
Paris then, simply enter into the
script the time differential
between Paris and your server
time (ie: +120 minutes), and
Paris' Time is derived and shown.
By using the server time instead
of each visitor's computer clock
as the reference point, this script
is more reliable, since you only
have to account for a single time
being accurate in order for the
script to be, and that is your
server's time. Contrast that with a
local time script that uses each
visitor's PC clock for its
calculations- if the visitor's time
is incorrect, he/she will also get
an incorrect local (ie: Paris) time.
Finally, this script can be called
multiple times on the same page
to display simultaneously the
local times of different places.
Server Time: 9:53:51 PM (Thurs)
Paris: 7:53:51 AM (Fri)
New York: 1:53:51 AM (Fri)
Tokyo: 3:53:51 PM (Fri)

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Local Time script

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