Monday, September 5, 2011

The Microsoft .NET Framework

* The .net Framework is the infrastructure for the Microsoft .NET platform.
* The .NET Framework is an environment for building,deploying,and running web applications and web services.
* .NET Framework keywords :
¤ Easier and quicker programming
¤Reduce amount of code.
¤ Declarative programming languagd.
¤ Richer server control hierarchy with the events.
¤Larger class library.
¤ Better support for development tool.

*.NET Framework consists of 3 main parts :
¤ Programming languages :
Visual basic (VB.NET)

¤ server technologies and client technologies : ASP.NET(Active server pages)
windows Forms(window desktop solutions)
compact framework(PDA/Mobile solution)

¤ Develnpment environments :
visual web developer.

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